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Pinelands Creative Workshop is nestled within the Pinelands Community in the heart of Barbados. PCW focuses on cultural consciousness, economic empowerment, and the strengthening of communities and people through the arts and social development interventions.

BfW partnered with PCW in 2005, delivering nearly 20,000 bikes to this community during that time. PCW has a shipping container onsite that is used for storage of the bicycles when they are delivered. The bike project has a mechanic on staff that repairs the bikes we donate for sale to help support the projects within PCW.

Over the past 20 years the bike project has helped support projects from Meals on Wheels, arts related activities at Pinelands, education training through the PEEW and MARA programs, and more recently the CALM project which empowers women to build independent businesses.
Using our bikes to generate revenue for the organization, PCW has made the bike project sustainable, created permanent and seasonal jobs, and increased the number of programs available to the community. Adopting this innovative business approach allows for economic independence, programmatic continuity, community driven development and organizational growth.

Additionally PCW donates a percentage of the bikes from BfW to marginalized and at-risk youth. This creates an opportunity for children not only to learn to ride, but to be engaged in a healthy, fun activity that has the capacity to boost confidence, self esteem as well as provide health and well being outcomes for the students through improved physical fitness, motor skills and coordination. Bikes are also used as a tool to include and engage uninvolved children at school increasing social interaction necessary for development.

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