partner impact el salvador

For nearly 50 years the Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology (CESTA) has been contributing to the sustainability of El Salvador by promoting and implementing environmental programs, projects and actions that also contribute to creating a sustainable world.

From the beginning, CESTA established the Eco Bici Workshop and School in San Marcos utilizing donated bikes from organizations like BfW. CESTA trains and employs bike mechanics through this centralized workshop.

In order to grow the network of bike shops and mechanics throughout the country, CESTA in more recent years hit the road, bringing the workshop training to schools and municipalities, greatly increasing the number of participants in the program. CESTA continues to support independent shops with tools, parts, and bike distributions in addition to assistance with business administration and accounting. In their support of these small businesses, CESTA is improving the lives of their people, bringing more visibility to cycling, and saving the planet.

Through their Sin Bicicleta no hay Planeta, no bike, no planet campaign, CESTA promotes the use of bicycles for transportation on a local and national level. They organize group rides for greater visibility and work with government officials to bring safer road conditions to towns.

BfW joined forces with CESTA in 2012, donating an average of about 1,000 bikes annually to help support these efforts.