Collection Flyer Whole Foods Here are resources to help you hold a successful collection.

For Bikes for the World, a "successful collection" is one that accomplishes two things:

  1. it generates a minimum of 50 bicycles and $10/bike in financial contributions, to cover the expenses of collecting, shipping, and placing the bikes.  
  2. it is a rewarding activity for you and your volunteers.  Did they learn something about bikes?  About working with their hands?  Were they kept busy and feel that they accomplished something?

Note that if you don't meet objective ONE above, and get few bikes, your volunteers will not have much to do and will be disappointed.  

Ideally, 75 to 100 bikes, and an average of $10 per bike, is our measure of full success.  We ask that it be yours as well.

Below are resources that will help you plan your event, and achieve both objectives.  

  • Collection Manager's Guide  This quide will help you schedule your bike collection and give you a rough outline of what needs to be done and when. Your collection will NOT be supported by BfW UNTIL you receive confirmation from us.  Schedule your collection now.
  • Bikes for the World Logo  We ask that any promotional materials include our logo available here. It is also a good idea to include on your flyer the suggested $10 donation per bike.
  • Bike Valuation Guide  This document will help you assign value to the bike donations on the BfW supplied receipts at your collections.  You should receive a cheat sheet card in your supplies, if you do not, you can print this to have on hand at the collection.
  • Processing Video  Please have your volunteers review this video before your collection. It's best to review with them the process the day of the collection too.
  • Generic Bikes for the World Intro Flyer You can use this to create awareness about the organization, what we do, and how people can get involved.
  • Flyer examples can be shared on request.  We encourage you to create your own flyer to promote your event using our guidelines. Once you schedule your collection with BfW you will receive a folder of sample flyers you can edit if you don't want to create your own unique flyer.