• MiBici- Costa Rica

    Changing Lives

    A bike is more than transportation, it can empower individuals and entire communities.

  • Village Bicycle Project

    Empowering Women

    We provide bicycles and mechanical training and teach women how to ride, empowering them with skills to keep their families moving forward.

  • CESTA El Salvador

    Training Mechanics

    Vocational training provides personal empowerment, professional opportunities and a way to provide for families and communities.

  • Bikes for the Philippines

    Keeping Students in School

    Many students face long walks to school, donated bikes get them there faster and help them stay in school.

  • Village Bicycle Project

    Transforming Communities

    Donated bikes allow health workers to see more clients, farmers to get goods to market and small business owners to support their families.

Changing lives one bike at a time.


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Transportation Lifeline
Bikes for the Philippines

The current global health crisis has halted bike collections and shipments in Rockville but our program is still rolling around the world. Interantional partners have stepped up their fight against Covid-19 and are making a real difference in their communities.

Lovina and Renante are employed at Philippine General Hospital and received donated bikes to commute to work. Frontline workers, including doctors, nurses, maintenance workers, cooks, security officers and administrative staff are now able to commute to the hospital despite transportation bans implemented during the pandemic.

Bikes for the World and Bikes for the Philippines are helping essential workers by donating bikes to ensure they have safe, reliable transportation.

#Wheel News

23 May 2020
When COVID-19 brought a medical crisis to the Philippines, like most countries, they answered with quarantines. Shutting down businesses and public transportation left essential workers literally stranded. Front liners and health professionals were s...
19 May 2020
Edward and Lovina work at Philippine General Hospital and while many people were hailing them as heroes labeling them essential, they were struggling just to get to work. Essential workers covers a lot of ground. They are doctors, nurses, s...
03 August 2020
Bob Knoll is one of the most sought after and valued Bikes for the World volunteer varieties. Don't get us wrong, ALL of our volunteers are super important and highly regarded in our warehouse, but Bob has a truck and trailer and he knows how to use ...