• MiBici- Costa Rica

    Changing Lives

    A bike is more than transportation, it can empower individuals and entire communities.

  • Village Bicycle Project

    Empowering Women

    We provide bicycles and mechanical training and teach women how to ride, empowering them with skills to keep their families moving forward.

  • CESTA El Salvador

    Training Mechanics

    Vocational training provides personal empowerment, professional opportunities and a way to provide for families and communities.

  • Bikes for the Philippines

    Keeping Students in School

    Many students face long walks to school, donated bikes get them there faster and help them stay in school.

  • Village Bicycle Project

    Transforming Communities

    Donated bikes allow health workers to see more clients, farmers to get goods to market and small business owners to support their families.

Changing lives one bike at a time.


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Lives Improved


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Beating Malaria

In remote areas of Africa, malaria is often not diagnosed quickly enough and in some cases can kill a young patient in less than 24 hours. Rapid response to the disease is the key to saving lives. The drug artesunate, which slows the rate the disease affects a patient, is now offered as a suppository that can be administered by a health care worker. Through the use of bike ambulances, patients can then be transported to hospitals faster for further treatment.

Gerardo received our 100,000th bike donated in 2014. Find out how it has changed his life below.

#Wheel News

14 May 2019
Isata is going places. Fast. And the bike is taking her there. Isata is one of only a few female bike mechanics in all of Sierra Leone. Isata was introduced to bikes in school when she first started riding as a...
08 May 2019
​In Sierra Leone, especially in rural areas, schools are spread out making the commute for students long and tiresome. For some families this hardship can put graduation out of reach. It is not usual to find a student wh...
01 May 2019
Gordon Johnson coasted into our coveted 1k Club as of last year, but we still haven't gotten around to properly inducting him yet! And depending on whether you use 'new' math or 'old' numbers this honor is well over...