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Snapshot 2022: A Year in Review

Snapshot 2022

The results are in and the numbers are up. Our Snapshot 2022 is complete and we invite you to take a look at the great work we completed last year; all of it continuing to roll into 2023. Throughout the year we continued to feel the effects of the pandemic but with every month we inched back to 'normal' operation.

The biggest difference last year (and this) was the number and type of volunteers returning to our warehouse. We saw more and more school groups returning for service days in the warehouse. For the first time, we had the opportunity to host multiple sessions with the same schools within the same school year. Outside of Stone Ridge, our school partners usually set up one day a year to come visit the warehouse, but starting in 2022 we started to see schools asking for multiple days...and in 2023 even more groups asking for more days! We definitely see this as a gauge of our success.

Those returning groups allow us to increase the value of our program by having more volunteers that are even better trained to help us send only the best quality bikes and parts to our partners around the world. As we saw during the pandemic, bikes and parts were sometimes impossible to order new pushing people looking for those items to other sources, like our small rural shops that continued to receive stock through our donations.

And as those partners also continue to recover from the pandemic fallout, bikes are playing a very big role. We broke it down into four categories in our Snapshot, but the ways bikes are making an impact are even greater than that. Given the current situation, our partners focused on supporting business, healthcare, women and children the most. But bikes also fight back against poverty, climate change, and many other factors affecting our partners around the world, including affordable transportation.

So take a look back at 2022, to see how your bikes, time, money and support helped us grow the program and kept the wheels turning into 2023. We had  a ton of youth mechanics leading the way in our warehouse, and in the last three months that hasn't slowed or stalled at all.

Featured Volunteer: J Long
Featured Volunteer: Julien P.