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Featured Volunteer: Shane Sellers

What a guy! Shane Sellers has been a fixture, no make that an anchor, at the annual Rotary Club of Carroll Creek (RCCC) bike collection in Frederick for over a decade. Shane goes back through the history of this collection longer than most Rotarians have been involved with the project. 

Jean-Louis LePage and Shane Sellers

Shane is an art professor at Frederick Community College (FCC) where he collects used bikes throughout the year to deliver to this community wide collection effort in Frederick every April. He goes back 4 or 5 collection managers, when Zoltan Nagy was still around town. Shane reached out to his old employer Wheel Base, the local bike shop, to see if they could combine forces to help the RCCC deliver more bikes to Bikes for the World.

Throughout the year Wheel Base would collect and store bikes in the basement and Shane would load them up in his truck and deliver them to McCurdy Field, where the collection was held before moving to Triangle Motors. As the years went on, Shane would make trip after trip after trip, just to get all the bikes over to the collection point. 

Rotarian Richard Foot says it best when he describes Shane's work as 'the art of bike collecting'. He goes on to note that Shane's commitment to the program stretches back to the initial Rotarian collections. The collaboration really pulls together the RCCC mission, which is to not only provide as many bikes as possible to our partners around the world, but to pull in the entire community of Frederick in a collective service project. Shane is the FCC piece.

Bikes for the World couldn't be a better organization to work with. In many countries transportation is just not as accessible as what we have here. Having a bicycle really gives somebody a lot of freedom that has a really small footprint.

Shane Sellers

Clearly Shane is also one heck of a BfW representative. It may be nearly 10 years old now, but our message and mission is still the same. And Shane really says it best in this old video from FCC:

Bike + Mechanic = Prosperous
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