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Banana Bike!??

 Everyone knows about bananas and how commonplace they are all over Costa Rica, but what about banana bikes? What is known as a beach cruiser to most of us has simply been dubbed the banana bike in Costa Rica and is the most sought after type of bike in many parts of the country. These bikes are known as bananas because the frames often look like an upside down banana!

In rural parts of Costa Rica it can be hard to find bike specific tools, and even simply mechanics with knowledge of working on bikes, so simple bikes with overbuilt frames are the best choice for many folks. Whether the bike is just used for regular day-to-day transportation or is outfitted with a rack to carry actual bunches of bananas, these bikes can be found plying the roads all over Costa Rica. 

There is also an even more direct connection between Bikes for the World, Costa Rica and bananas: In 2015 bikes that were sent to our partner MiBici were donated to students at Earth University which has a large banana farm and supplies the bananas to Whole Foods that you can buy in your local store!

​On the Road with Executive Director Taylor Jones. This post comes from his recent trip to visit our partner MiBici in Costa Rica. Stay tuned for more updates... BTW, Bikes for the World saves all our beach cruisers especially for this project, so if you donated one, it's likely here!

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