International Programs

Honduras Courtesy Art for Humanity- HondurasBikes for the World works to improve access to affordable transportation and promote sustainable development abroad through donating containers of second-hand bicycles and bicycle parts to select organizations throughout the Global South, particularly in Africa, Central America, and the South Pacific. To minimize shipping costs, bicycles are sent in 40' shipping containers, each containing approximately 500 used bicycles plus spare parts.

These bikes are used by the receiving partners to implement diverse projects to help meet specific needs in their communities. Such projects use bikes to train disadvantaged youth or persons with disabilities in bike mechanics, increase access to education for children, connect farmers to markets, support small-scale entrepreneurship, and more.


Current Projects

Bikes for the Philippines Baclayon National High School student beneficiaries

Bikes for the Philippines

Bikes for the Philippines is a bikes for education project working to get and keep children in school. It is currently operating on the islands of Bohol and Cebu, with plans to expand to other areas.

Students in danger of dropping out due to distance or financial hardships are hand selected to receive a bike on loan in an effort to increase graduation rates. Beneficiaries earn their bikes upon graduation. Learn more>>

CESTA ppYouth mechanic in El Salvador

El Salvador

CESTA, the Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology, combines various environmental and social programs to lead social justice efforts in El Salvador.

CESTA runs EcoBici, a program that trains at-risk youth in bike mechanics, helping them build skills, increase job prospects, and stay out of gangs. The youth also manage a store that sells the repaired bikes to their community, thereby increasing access to affordable and environmentally-friendly transportation. Learn more>>

 GerardoBfW 100,000 bike recipient

FINCA-Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Fundación Integral Campesina (FINCA Costa Rica) works to increase the socioeconomic conditions of the poorest communities in rural Costa Rica by creating and strengthening community-based micro-credit organizations (ECCs).

Participating ECCs receive an allotment of bikes that they repair and sell in their communities. Not only does the program increase access to affordable transportation in these areas, but revenue from the sales are reinvested in the ECCs and distributed as loans to members to help them grow their own micro-businesses. learn more>>

more productive in their businesses and every-day lives, moving product, and themselves, faster. - See more at:
FINCA Costa Rica is a micro-business support  organization - See more at:
FINCA Costa Rica is a micro-business support  organization - See more at:

 eboxEbox set up in rural Madagascar


Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is also one of the world's poorest countries. 80% of the population lives in rural areas with difficult access to most services. In Madagascar, as in many other countries, the remote communities living in poverty are the most vulnerable segment of society. The availability of health services is extremely limited, leading to high rates of infant, child, and maternal mortality. In addition, 65% of the population does not have access to safe drinking water and sanitation.


 Pinelands Creative Frankie Hinds shop mechanic Barbados

Pinelands Creative Workshop

The Pinelands Creative Workshop is a community development program in a low income area of Barbados that employs culture, dance, drama, and other programs to improve their communities and assist disadvantaged people.

Pinelands mechanics repair bikes in their workshop and sell them at a low cost in their community. Profits from the sales help fund other projects such as a Meals On Wheels program, mediation for at-risk youth in gangs, and employment preparedness for women. Learn more>>

 Learn to Ride program in Sierra LeoneYoung girls learn to ride in Sierra Leone

Village Bicycle Project
Ghana and Sierra Leone

Village Bicycle Project (VBP) leads workshops that train rural workers and students in bike riding and basic bike maintenance. They also offer more in-depth classes to teach specifc mechanic skills necessary to repair and rebuild bikes essential to a new mechanic. VBP makes subsidized bikes and tools available to all participants.

In Sierra Leone, the project's focus is teaching women and young girls how to ride and care for their bikes. The progam empowers women and helps them stay in school and better care for their families. Learn more>>

 Wheels of Africa ppTour d'Afrique donates bikes to beneficiaries through Wheels of Africa

Wheels of Africa

Wheels of Africa is a cycling club in Nairobi that operates a bike shop, providing stable incomes to locals and making quality bike, parts, and repair services available to midde- and low-income Kenyans.

Wheels of Africa is devoted to improving the cycling culture in Kenya through promoting bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation and advocating for motorists to learn to share the road. It also partners with Tour d'Afrique to distribute bicycles to rural healthcare workers, students, and others in need. 
Learn more>>

Other Projects

In the past Bikes for the World has donated containers of bicycles to the following international projects:

  • Cameroon: NAVTI Foundation
  • Gambia: Fajara Rotary Club
  • Ghana: Ability Bikes
  • Ghana Shape LivesShape Lives FoundationGhana: Asante Akim Multi-purpose Telecentre (AAMTC)
  • Ghana: Shape Lives Foundation
  • Guatemala: EcoBici / Servicios Ecumenicos de Formacion Cristiana en Centro America (SEFCA)
  • Guinea-Bissau: Global Fairness Initiative
  • Haiti: Christian Alliance for International Development (CAID)
  • Honduras: Adelante Foundation
  • Honduras: Art for Humanity
  • Morocco: Darna
  • Mozambique: ChildFund International
  • Namibia: Bicycle Empowerment Network
  • Panama: Goodwill Panama
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Association of Greater Washington
  • South Africa: Bicycling Empowerment Network
  • Uganda: Prisoners Support Organization

BfW May 2013 shipment to GhanaMay 2013 BfW shipment in Accra Ghana

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