Related Organizations

Bikes for the World partners with sister efforts in North America and Europe to collect and donate bikes and spare parts for international development.  

Bikes Not  Bombs

Boston Massachusetts.

Bikes not BombsEstablished in 1984, Bikes Not Bombs is the 'grandaddy' of bicycle reused programs. Bikes Not Bombs reclaims thousands of bicycles every year, using the bicycle as a vehicle for social change – mobilizing youth and adults to be leaders in community transformation in Boston, creating local and global programs that provide skill development, jobs, and sustainable transportation overseas.  Our two organizations learn from each other and coordinate shipments to selected overseas organizations.

Working Bikes

Chicago Illinois.

Established in 19Working Bikes99, Working Bikes gives new life to old bikes and independence to those who ride them, in the underserved communities of Chicago, Africa, and Central & South America.  Beginning in 2005, Working Bikes and Bikes for the World have coordinated shipments to overseas programs. Since 2009, this partnership has evolved to where Bikes for the World is handling the bulk of Working Bikes' overseas shipments, placing 5,000+ bikes annually with partner agencies selected or vetted by Bikes for the World.  Bikes for the World has also channeled bikes–offered to us from points in the mid-west--to Working Bikes, for its local program or for eventual overseas shipment.

Pedal Power

Mansfield Texas

Established iPedal Powern 2010, Pedal Power is a young group with strong bicycle skills and limited storage capacity.  In 2011, Bikes for the World trucked some 200 bikes from Pedal Power to Northern Virginia, where they went into a shipment destined for our education project in the Philippines. Via phone and email, we are sharing our experience in prepping, organizing, and packing bikes, with the objective of enabling Pedal Power to ship an initial direct overseas shipment to a project identified by Bikes for the World.

Other partner organizations:

Ohio City Bicycle Cooperative – a community bike shop in Cleveland, Ohio that has generously donated selected used bicycles and lots of used bicycle tires and components.   

Positive Spin – a community bike shop in Morgantown, West Virginia, which has donated more than 400 bicycles and many spare parts over the last five years.  

Re-Cycle – a sister organization in the United Kingdom, providing “bicycle aid for Africa”.  We support some of the same organizations in Africa, especially Village Bicycle Project (Ghana) and Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia. 

R Community Bikes – a community bike shop in Rochester, New York which in 2009 donated bikes and spare parts to Bikes for the World, and recently directly donated 20 mountain bikes to the Port-au-Prince, Haiti Police Department to aid in patrolling the city.

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