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Stone RidgeWe work with public and private schools at all levels—elementary, middle, high, and university—to collect bikes, load bikes, and engage in special projects. We have been the beneficiary of fundraising efforts by schools in Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, and Maryland.  We are an approved “student service learning” partner to the Montgomery County (MD) Public School System and other systems and individual schools.  

Below is a short introductory video on how kids can get involved by working with Bikes for the World on a bike collection. We also put a 'similar face' on the bikes being donated by giving a glimpse into our Bikes for Education program supported by our Philippines partner Bikes for the Philippines. 

In the classroom, teachers are able to pool our resources to integrate this service opportunity with an existing curriculum, making it a more complete education experience. Teachers can put together a lesson on a particular area we work with, such as Ghana, to teach students geography or another culture. BfW programs have also tied in with science lessons on the environment, promoting a greener lifestyle, and spurred art activities like producing creative signage for bike donation campaigns. Children and parents work together to raise funds to ship bikes and form work crews to load donated bicycles onto containers that will travel across the world.

Ted HaynieTed Haynie, a retired school principal from Virginia, shares his experience: "We engaged in many opportunities for our students to develop awareness traits like respect, responsibility, self-discipline, empathy, etc., all the standard stuff but not by just talking to them about it; rather by giving them multiple chances to experience these traits in practice. This led us to Bikes for the World. The idea of expanding students' global awareness of life in developing countries where children are unable to attend school or get to the doctor because of the lack of personal transportation was an important concept. The whole notion of our throw-away society was also something we wanted to convey as well as just simple activism and becoming involved in service to others."

Yvette Hess, BfW Outreach Coordinator notes: "The kids tend to like the grease and the tools and forget that what they are doing is 'work'. I've also seen shy kids open up once they are taught how to use a pedal wrench. Girls jump right in once they realize it's not 'just for boys'. It's a 'doing' activity that reaches kids who are sometimes used to being left out because they aren't 'athletic enough'. One school we worked with was able to bring mainstream kids together with the "high-intensity language training (HILT)" kids, many recent immigrants, who otherwise might be alienated or apart. What I've seen it do here and overseas is give kids confidence where they once had little or none."

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