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Sponsoring a Bikes for the World bike collection is fun, productive, and satisfying with a global reach

OtterbeinWe work with all types of community organizations – service clubs, faith communities, schools, Scout troops, businesses, local jurisdictions – to collect thousands of bicycles annually. 

A typical collection is a one-time event, sponsored by a local organization and held on a Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon in the spring or fall. These events make it convenient for the public to bring unwanted bicycles. A well-publicized collection can easily net 50 to 150 bicycles.

  • Pennswood Village 2012 Collectionhelping the poor in other countries become more productive
  • reducing waste in the United States
  • getting your organization’s name out in the local community
  • building a team
  • promoting personal growth, and
  • stimulating reflection about business, economics, and transportation policy.

The sponsor’s volunteers (who need no prior experience with bike mechanics) receive the bikes and issue receipts. Volunteers remove pedals and tie them to the frame, turn handlebars, lower seats, and remove baskets. Bikes are then ready for efficient handling and eventual shipping. 

Each bicycle donor is asked to contribute a minimum $10 to defray shipping costs (the average cost to get a bike collected, shipped, reconditioned, and accessorized is over $20 – BfW raises the remaining funds elsewhere). 

BfW provides a detailed written detailed written guide to collection sponsors, along with literature, tools, and supplies, and often provides an experienced staff member or volunteer to assist. You MUST confirm your collection date with Bikes for the World BEFORE the date can be approved.

Contact us for further information on holding a collection.

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