Other Ways to Give

Sponsor a bike!

Don’t have a bike to donate?? Help us pick up “un-sponsored” bikes at police impound lots, apartment buildings, and other institutions, by financially sponsoring one or more bikes. It costs on average close to $20 to get a bicycle, with spare parts & accessories, to an overseas destination, and get good information back for you the public. Sponsor more than one! 

Sponsor a shipment!

It costs, on average, about $4,000 to ship a container to a new project partner. Depending on the country and cost-sharing arrangements, shipment sponsorship can range from as low as $1,000 (for a country close-by, on international shipping lanes, where the receiving group is able to pay a share of costs) to $10,000 (for an inland-Africa destination, where the new partner is financially limited). Generally, we ask that the overseas partner pay up-front a share of initial shipping costs, to ensure that it is “invested” in the success of the effort (and in particular in the success of passing through Customs into the receiving country).

To date, shipments have been sponsored by: Parole (MD) Rotary Club; Vienna (VA) Rotary Club; Friends of Liberia (Returned Peace Corps volunteer group); International Monetary Fund Civic Participation Advisory Committee; and Cottonwood Foundation. 

Join the Bikes for the World Club! Make a Monthly Gift.

Pledge your support to Bikes for the World by setting up a monthly donation. For as little as $10 or $20 every month your support could deliver a dozen bikes to Africa or keep hundreds of bikes already there in good workable condition throughout the year.

Establish an honorary/memorial fund

Over 2005-2010, Bikes for the World has received more than $10,000 in gifts in honor of individuals, living and deceased. Gifts in honor of bar mitzvahs and birthdays are common.  Memorial gifts in honor of individuals whose lives exemplified a commitment to cycling, recycling, and/or social and environmental justice.

Special Occasion Donations

You can donate money in honor of an individual and request a card be sent (via email or snail mail) to that person or family. Notifications can be personalized with a special message from you and can be for any holiday or occasion whether it is a birthday or Father’s Day, to thank your dad for teaching you how to ride a bike so many years ago. Donate Now and fill out the honorary information on the donation form to request a BfW notification card be sent.

Sponsor purchase of new tools and spare parts!

Through Recreational Equipment Inc, Potomac Pedalers Touring Club, and Alternative Gifts of Greater Washington, Bikes for the World has established funds to purchase new tools, as well as spare parts & accessories, vital to our local efforts and those of our international partners.  For these purposes, Bikes for the World has established a restricted account. We purchase tools from Park Tool Company and spare parts—“consumables” such as cables, chain, tubes, and tires—from J&B Importers, among others. 

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer matching gift programs to qualifying non-profits. Turn your $50 donation into $100 by signing up for this program where you work and doubling your money. Some credit card companies also allow cardholders to turn their 'miles' or 'points' into cash donations to non-profits. Check with your credit card company if you can take advantage of this *free* way to donate online (standard online fees are typically waived for these transactions)

Combined Federal Campaign

Federal Employees may designate donations to Bikes for the World through a payroll deduction by using CFC #21964. For more information on the CFC visit their website.

Combined Federal Campaign

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