BfW Donates 200 Bikes Locally

Phoenix Bikes donationIn 2014, BfW donated more bikes locally than any other year, a testament to our growing numbers. Over 1,000 bikes donated to BfW stayed here at home serving nine different local groups in 2014. Since our beginning in 2005, BfW has donated about 4% of all collected bikes to local groups.

During our 100k weekend Bikes for the World donated over 200 bikes to three local groups. In the DC area, we support two youth oriented earn-a-bike programs, Phoenix Bikes and Gearing' Up Bicycles. Both groups support our mission by teaching life skills to youth in the DC area.

Beneficiaries are learning how to work as a team in a business setting and earning bikes in the process. Both groups offer valuable after school activities that engage and teach its members. They also do a lot of community outreach, offering group rides and participating in local events. Continue reading about our complementary efforts.

100,000 Bikes Donated

100k sticker

Bikes for the World is donating its 100,000th bike on November 15th and we want you to join us. We have a week of activites planned so please join us for one or more and help us celebrate this milestone together.

Highlights of the week will include the actual loading of the 100k bike as well as a presentation from the recipient partner. We will open our warehouse Thursday through Saturday so drop by just to check out the operation. OR grab a pedal wrench or a bike and help us with the loading. You can also drop off a bike any time the warehouse is open.

This container will be donated to FINCA Costa Rica. Bikes for the World has partnered with this organization since we formed in 2005. Since that time we have donated over 20,000 bikes to rural communities scattered around Costa Rica. Director of FINCA Costa Rica, Luis Jimenez will join us this week in Arlington. He will participate in the loading at our warehouse and give a presentation Friday evening explaining how our bikes are changing lives in Costa Rica.

Full schedule of events below:

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BfW Visits El Salvador

Keith in El SalvadorTraining bike mechanics in El Salvador helps support CESTA's main mission by refurbishing bikes and promoting cycling as a means of viable transportation as well as protecting the environment.

Eco-Bici is the repair shop operated through CESTA where disadvantaged youths congregate and learn skills from how to tune a bicycle to how to overhaul and true a wheel. The internship offered to these budding mechanics gives them a safe place to learn and hone their skills, away from the dangerous street life where gangs threaten many small businesses.

Bikes for the World visited CESTA in September 2014 and we sat down with some of the interns working in the program. We also visited the shop and met with several local vendors who receive our donated bikes.

In additional to running the Eco-Bici project, CESTA also works strongly to improve the quality of life in harmony with the environment. The bicycle project complements this mission while working to keep youths uninvolved with gangs. Learn more about Eco-Bici and how our bikes are supporting this important project in El Salvador.

BfW Visits Costa Rica

Keith in CanaleteBeneficiaries in northern Costa Rica are using our donated bikes to get to work and school. In September, Bikes for the World visited Costa Rica to find out more about long-standing partner FINCA Costa Rica and meet some of these bike beneficiaries.

Over the years BfW has donated over 20,000 bikes to this micro-finance group. Each container is often split between many communities, reaching all corners of rural Costa Rica.

Our donated bikes are reassembled in these small communities and sold at a low cost to community members who need affordable transportation. The profits from the bike sales are reinvested in the community to help fund smaller businesses such as community markets and clothing stores.

Find out more about how these community run programs work on our blog and stay tuned for more updates from that trip to Central America where we also visited Panama and El Salvador.

BfW Visits Panama

Keith in PanamaDonated bikes provide training to individuals with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds through our partnership with Goodwill Panama.

BfW visited Goodwill Panama in September 2014 to get a better sense of how the program is going and what we can do to improve the shipments to Panama. During our visit we met with the board and staff at Goodwill Panama. We spoke with several bike mechanics and also met with a few of our bike beneficiaries. Learn how a bike is helping a local bricklayer save time and earn more for his family.

Bike use in Panama is largely a recreational activity. Bikes that are donated to Goodwill Panama are reconditioned in their shop and sold to the public in the storefront. Bike sales, in turn, help fund the metal program that also teaches bike mechanics. Many participants in the program continue through the tiers to welding, learning skills that will help provide a decent income for their families.

You can learn more about the bike project on our blog.


King Farm Update

King Farm barn
It is with great sadness that we announce the closing of the Bikes for the World facility at King Farm in Rockville. For the last two years Bikes for the World has operated a weekly Thursday night volunteer night at our warehouse at the King Farm Farmstead in Rockville.

We recently received word from the City of Rockville that we would need to vacate the barn where our Maryland centered activities have taken place since 2007. The following is an announcement from Bikes for the World Executive Director Keith Oberg:

This ends a seven-year tenure during which Bikes for the World operated the Rockville Youth Bike Project (RYBP) out of two of the farm buildings- the hay barn and a tenant cottage- and stored and dispatched more than 25,000 bicycles around the world, from local recipients such as the nearby Montgomery County temporary workers' center, to institutions and individuals in places like Ghana, Mozambique, and Uganda.

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Supporting Local Youth Programs

phoenix bikes newsSupporting local bike organizations is an important part of Bikes for the World. From Phoenix Bikes in Arlington VA to St. Louis Bicycle Works in MO, BfW is always looking to expand local donations right here in our own backyard.

Recently, we have donated 10-100 bikes to new projects brought to our attention by other local partners, such as the Waldorf Kiwanis who brought us together with a Kentucky church providing bikes to area youth.

You can read more about these smaller local donations on our blog. You can also find more information about the larger donations to domestic earn-a-bike projects, like Phoenix Bikes, here as well.

Trade-In Trade-Up

DICKS Trade-in Trade-up 2014DICK'S Sporting Goods and Bikes for the World are teaming up again this May to offer their third annual Trade-in Trade-up sale May 4 thru May 10.

"We are excited to continue our third annual partnership with Bikes for the World, furthering our company's mission to provide more people access to suitable athletic equipment," said Lauren Hobart, Chief Marketing Officer of DICK'S Sporting Goods. "Together, with Bikes for the World, we're hoping to expand the footprint of this philanthropic program and continue to give back to communities in need."

From Sunday, May 4 to Saturday May 10, consumers will have the opportunity to support the initiative by bringing in their used bike to a local DICK'S Sporting Goods store. Through Bikes for the World, the bikes donated during this period will be repurposed and distributed to lower income communities in the U.S. and around the world. Individuals who participate in the trade-in will also receive a discount toward a new bike purchase.

"As a result of last year's collaboration, we expanded our deliveries of suitable used bicycles to lower-income communities by almost 50%, enhancing many more livelihoods through better transportation and generating skilled employment in bicycle repair and maintenance," said Keith Oberg, Bikes for the World Director.


FINCA Costa Rica Breakdown

FINCA Costa Rica businessFundación Integral Campesina (FINCA Costa Rica) is one of Bikes for the World's most effective overseas partners. Over the years, BfW has donated over 18,000 bikes to this Costa Rican partner.

BfW Director Keith Oberg described the program in detail on our blog last month. Essentially this program acts as a micro-credit program, supporting local entrepreneurs in rural areas of this Central American country.

The container of bikes donated by BfW is split into five groups containing about 100 bikes apiece. Each allotment of bikes is valued and converted into a loan. The groups bring the bikes and any available parts back to their respective communities, where they re-assemble and recondition the bikes as necessary. The bikes are then sold in these rural areas to repay the loan.

See a list of all our current global projects.

Village Bicycle Project Promotes Local Business

Adimadim Suhum District student with Cadbury bikeBikes for the World has been working with African based partner Village Bicycle Project since our start in 2005. Since then we have donated 31 containers, or 14,530 bicycles to the project. Recently we started shipping to VBP in Sierra Leone where a majority of their work has been focused on training women both in riding skills and as mechanics.

In Ghana, VBP sends out about 200 bikes at a time to remote areas inland to small villages that don't even appear on the map. Once there, trainers engage locals in various workshops. The introductory class teaches participants how to ride and basic techniques to care for a bike. During the program they can purchase a used bike at a very low cost.

More advanced classes are also offered where bike owners can learn more complex mechanic skills. At the end of this workshop, participants can purchase specific bike related tools, also at a very low cost.

Throughout the program VBP promotes local bike businesses by inviting the mechanics to take part, training them further, offering them tools, and encouraging new bike owners to let them handle the bigger repairs.

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