Bikes To Honor James McMullen

RLSAAArt students in the Philippines are now commuting to school on bike. Your old bikes are helping students get to school faster and in some cases allowing them to stay enrolled in school. This program with the Regional Lead School of the Arts in Angono (RLSAA) is the first school in the Bikes for Education project through Bikes for the Philippines on the main island group, Luzon, in the Philippines.

Operating a bike project in a country made up of thousands of small islands is a logistical challenge. There are three main island groups in the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. With our latest shipment to the Philippines your old bikes are now serving school districts in all three areas. Continue reading on how Bikes for the Philippines is making this happen...

Bikes for the World would like to acknowledge and thank supporter Betty Scott, who chose Bikes for the World as the beneficiary to honor her late husband James McMullen. McMullen died last May and when Betty found out about our work in the Philippines, where her husband worked in the Peace Corps, she knew this would be something he would want to support.

This container arrived last July and was named in honor of James McMullen. Students enrolled at RLSAA received bikes from this shipment. More bikes are being repaired now and delivered to about a dozen more schools in the Philippines. Generous donations in memory of McMullen will help fund the next two shipments to this program.

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